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Sending money from France to Morocco?
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SaverAfrica makes it easy to send money from France to Morocco. Compare money transfer services to find the cheapest, safest and fastest services.

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    These results may not include all services available for this remittance corridor. The above information includes all known costs.

    The data is for your general information and its status is indicative. You should always check information with the relevant provider before using any of the products or services listed.

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    What are the different ways I can send money?

    Here is a breakdown of the different ways you can use to send money to Morocco



    • Identification
    • Cash
    • Knowledge of the MTO's system

    Cash transfers are a popular way to send money, especially for people who do not have access to a bank account or prefer to use […]

    Bank Card


    • Debit/Credit Card
    • Sufficient funds
    • Money Transfer Operator

    Using a bank card as a sending method is a popular and convenient way to transfer money. The sender can use their bank card to […]

    Mobile Wallet


    • Mobile Phone
    • Internet access
    • Sufficient funds

    Mobile wallets have become a popular way to send and receive money, especially among younger generations who prefer using their smartphones for financial transactions. To […]

    Bank Account


    • Bank account
    • Sufficient funds
    • Beneficiary details

    Sending money using a bank account is a popular remittance method, as it is generally considered safe, reliable and convenient. To send money using a […]

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