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Guide to Using Rocket Remit February 6, 2023

How can Rocket Remit help you send money faster overseas?

Thinking of sending money overseas? Try out Rocket Remit! You can send money online, using their app or website! Check out our blog to learn how to send money faster now.


What is Rocket Remit?

Rocket Remit is a world leader in international money transfers. They specialise in supporting people living in Australia to send money back home to 30 countries in Africa. Their mobile payment technology can help you send money instantly overseas with a few taps of your finger.

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How does Rocket Remit work?

You must first register for a Rocket Remit account and load your account with funds via bank transfer, POLi, Debit or Credit Card. You can do this online or in the Rocket Remit app. Set up an international transfer simply by entering the amount to send in AUD and your receiver’s details. Once you confirm the payment, it will be sent instantly to your intended receiver overseas!

Want to send money even faster?

Rocket Remit offers a Mobile Money transfer service that allows you to send money directly to your receiver’s mobile phone number. They must first contact the Mobile Money provider in their home country and follow the instructions to open an account. Within seconds of sending money from Australia, your receiver will receive an SMS message informing them that they have received the funds and can use the money.

Is sending money with Rocket Remit easy?

Rocket Remit allows you to send money overseas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can transfer funds from your online account without having to wait in line at a store. If you need help, you can call Rocket Remit and a real person will always answer your phone call.

Is sending money with Rocket Remit cheap?

Rocket Remit has direct partnerships with providers worldwide, enabling them to offer an excellent and competitive exchange rate. The transfer fee you pay varies depending on the destination of your receiver but there are no hidden charges – what you see on the website or app is exactly what you pay when sending money overseas.

Is sending money with Rocket Remit safe?

Yes. Using Mobile Money is as safe as making a transfer through the banking system. Mobile Money is regulated and licensed by governments which makes sure your money is safe and protected. Your money is protected by a PIN or security code that your receiver must enter to access it. All your transactions are encrypted by the mobile phone network.

Want to see how Rocket Remit compares to other services?

Feel free to use our money transfer comparison tool to check Rocket Remit’s rates compared to other companies when sending from Australia.

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Article by Nadia Maunsell, SaverGlobal