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Wise is an online, mobile-based money transfer service.

Wise (formerly TransferWise) has 13 offices around the world and offers remittance services gloablly to prospective users.

In order to register for the service, customer needs to provide a valid ID document which can be passport (photo page only), national ID card or photo driver’s licence. In addition customer needs to provide a valid proof of address document which can be utility bills: gas, electric, or landline phone (no mobile phone bills), bank or credit card statement (photo/scan of a physical letter or PDF of statement), council tax bill, or a HMRC notification, vehicle registration or tax, photo driving licence showing their address and expiry date or any other government or financial institution-issued document.

Also, customers are sometimes asked for selfie verification which means uploading a picture of customer while holding their ID and for larger amount, additional documents that show source of money is required.